If you frequently travel abroad with your AT&T-locked iPhone, you’ll be happy to know that AT&T has added two new international iPhone specific data-plans to their stable. The two plans, which will be available beginning tomorrow, provide global data access for globe trotters, but the privilege of checking your email from Romania won’t come cheap. The 100MB plan will run you $119/month on top of your existing bill, while the 200MB plan will set you back a full $199. Whoa. For that amount of rapage money, we’d recommend leaving the iPhone at home and picking up a pre-paid handset in your destination country, but to each his/her own we suppose. We just can’t understand how the unlimited international BlackBerry data plan is $69/month. Oh well, BlackBerry international FTW!

P.S. We’re not sure if the new international iPhone data plans have a one-year commitment attached to them like the international BlackBerry plan. We’ll report back.