Well, it didn’t take Nostradamus to predict which two handsets Nokia would be announcing this week. About two weeks ago it was leaked that Nokia would be holding a private online event detailing two new handsets that would become official this week. The obvious guess was that said handsets would be none other than the N85 and N79 and as it turns out, bloggers were right on the money. Thanks to a broken embargo from Pocket-lint, it’s now confirmed that Nokia made the two handsets official early this morning and indeed it looks like both phones have been pretty well covered. Even the images of the fake N79 handset that floated around last week were spot on (of course – the Chinese rule handset copies). The specs on these puppies have been covered up and down already so we won’t go back through them. Among the few new things we’ve learned of is the, ahem, interesting color choice for the N79 case shown above. Yeah, we have to imagine other colors will be available as well though. As for the N85, it will apparently be pitched as a bit of a gaming device and come with 10 demo N-Gage titles presinstalled. Owners will also be able to select one N-Gage title for free. Both handsets are said to be scheduled for a release next month. Wow! Go Nokia – not having a six month gap between announcement and availability will be a nice change of pace.