Sony officially announced the PSP-3000 this week and gamers found themselves asking a question that really didn’t bode well for the updated system: “Is a new button, a mic and a new screen really worth an upgrade?” Well kids, a quick gander at the image above might help you come a little closer to answering that conundrum. All we can say is WOW. The striking resemblance between the PSP-2000 and the PSP-3000 comes to a grinding halt the second you turn that sucker on. The new LCD display has five times the contrast ratio, twice the color range and responds twice as fast as its predecessor. To put it another way, it kicked the PSP-2000 display in the shin and stole its lunch money. So far only the European pricing is known (€199) but we can say that the PSP-3000 is supposed to hit US shores in mid-October around the same time as the European launch. So gamers, what do you think? Does this comparison shot have you singing a different tune or is it still not worth the (probable) $250 – $300 entry fee?