…with a side of, well, more mobile email. Peek is a one trick pony, hoping to corner the market for casual email users looking to step into the wonderful world of constant mobile connectivity. It provides access to consumer accounts from most popular provider, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, and more. The handset itself will be $99.95, available exclusively from Target stores beginning this fall. Monthly “all you can eat” email service will be $19.95, provided courtesy of T-Mobile’s EDGE network. It’s a cool concept, but we’re honestly not convinced that this thing holds much in the way of appeal over its more capable, more attractive, and generally more appealing cousin, the Blackberry. Sure, you’d end up spending a bit more on your monthly bill for a standalone ‘Berry plan, but for folks that already have voice service you can get $9.95 unlimited email on T-Mobile, with $19.99 getting you email+data. Peek who? Yeah, we thought so. Then again, maybe this baby will bowl us over when we put it through its paces, but until we’re convincd otherwise we’d have to suggest a “pass”.

[Via Engadget Mobile]


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