For some die-hards, having a glowing Apple logo on the back of your laptop is hardly enough to show the world that you’re “cool”. After all, In this day and age everyone and their grandmother’s nurse is rocking a MacBook. So when it comes to separating yourself from the Apple-wielding pack, here are a few suggestions from your buddies at BGR:

  1. Get an Apple logo tattoo
  2. Get an Apple logo tattoo… on your face
  3. Paint a giant Apple logo on the side of your house
  4. Undergo reconstructive surgery to make yourself look like Steve Jobs
  5. Mod your iPhone with a glowing logo on the back

While we some might say each of these options are equally ridiculous, a group of Russian modders would disagree; at least with number five. They have apparently perfected a case mod whereby the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone will glow when the phone is in use. Riiiiiiight. For the time being, it looks like this mod is only good on the first generation iPhone. Sorry kids, if you want to be this sexy you’ll have to sacrifice speed.