Are you an iPhone developer who wants to make some serious cash? Write an app that identifies people who have purchased “I Am Rich” and then integrate with Google Maps to display their exact locations*. Developer Armin Heinrich (and we hesitate to call him a “developer”) has made his mark on Apple App Store history by creating what is undoubtedly the most ridiculous application in mobile phone history. In fact, if Heinrich makes even a single sale with the app we would say that society has collectively failed. What does “I Am Rich” do exactly? Nothing. It’s a $1,000 app that is intended to be a status symbol; it sits on your phone and displays the odd image shown above when you open it. Doesn’t quite have the same effect as, say, a nice watch or a Vertu. We would say that this is simply a great publicity stunt but the developer doesn’t have much else to show in the App Store. In fact, Heinrich’s only other App Store app at the moment is a $5 calculator with a $0.10 UI.

*BGR does not in any way condone violence… Unless it results in the removal of “I Am Rich” from someone’s iPhone.

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