Typically when a rumor starts off with “I’ve been informed by a strange but totally plausible source”, it’s a safe bet that you shouldn’t get too excited. There are always exceptions to the rule though and since we may have heard a bit of rumbling around the bush ourselves, we’ll run with this one. Apparently in the next few months, despite the fact that the Nokia Music Store has only been launched in a few regions (and has not been greeted with much fanfare), Nokia will reportedly be launching its own movie store. Details are a bit scarce but the concept is actually quite interesting. Basically the service will allow you to pay a monthly fee and stream unlimited 320 x 240 H.264 videos (with AAC stereo 96 kbps audio) directly to your handset. Movies can be watched on the handset of course, or even on a television via the TV-Out on some Nseries handsets. Perhaps the most interesting and unique part of the service is that you will supposedly be able to easily initiate a movie purchase at any time during playback with a single button click. The movie will then be dispatched over night to your address on file from a Nokia-partnered DVD retailer. No, it’s not as tech-forward as a set top box solution but it is a pretty cool way to integrate mobiles into Nokia’s offering.