In keeping with the theme of delays, it looks like the sunset-colored BlackBerry Curve we told you about earlier this month has been pushed back a week. Why? We have no idea but lately it seems like “delay” and “BlackBerry” are becoming synonymous. Software delays, hardware delays; is the strength of the CAD compared to the USD so shocking that RIM employees are all taking some time off to vacation south of the border? Of course a matter of a week is hardly the end of the world and besides, it’s just a red Curve. While BlackBerry fans anxiously await new devices we just don’t think a sunset Curve is going to be quite enough to tide anyone over. After all, reports are swirling right now with regards the BlackBerry Bold having been delayed yet again to a September release with many carriers. Wait a minute, didn’t we tell you that almost two weeks ago? Oh well, some may have missed the memo. Hey at least the Thunder hasn’t been delayed… Yet.