Got your hands on a shiny new iPhone 3G? If you answered yes, you’re one of the lucky ones. For those of you that didn’t pick up the new handset during the last week, you could be in for a long hard journey. According to industry analyst Gene Munster, the current iPhone shortage could persist through mid-August, crushing the dreams of would-be iPhone 3G owners everywhere. Herman Munster dropped word that initial demand for the handset outstripped Apple’s estimates, resulting in a supply shortage that is causing problems across the U.S. Things should even out before too long, but if you’ve had your sights set on a getting one within the next 3-4 weeks, you might want to consider camping out at your local AT&T or Apple store. Make that Apple store, since we all know AT&T stores selling iPhones are totally like 1,800 of Steve Jobs’ red-headed step childs. They’re good from some iPhone cases but that’s about it. Sorry, folks!