Remember that BlackBerry Thunder pre-sale we told you about a couple of days ago? Expansys, the site that had the Thunder up for pre-order, has issued a formal apology for the listing on its blog. Apparently, someone over at RIM got wind of the listing, (we wonder how) and ordered the company to take it down. Check the full text of the apology here:

“I have just received a call from a very irate PR guy at Blackberry to complain that we were breaking the embargo on the new Blackberry 9500 Thunder by listing it on the site for pre-order.

It was a big mistake on our part – sorry to RIM and sorry to anyone who got excited to think it was coming out soon – it’s still slated to come out towards the end of the year.”

What’s the matter RIM, feeling a little sensitive after a hard year of product leaks? We’re guessing this was a PR stunt, but that’s just our take on it.

[Thanks Bryan!]