Sure, the Samsung i760 may be getting a bit long in the tooth, but there’s nothing like a little OS refresh and added functionality to breathe new life into an aging dinosaur. Originally scheduled for a June launch, Verizon has officially released the Windows Mobile 6.1 update for is i760 handset. There’s nothing as sexy as EV-DO Rev. A support in there, but if the following list of improvements don’t get you excited about your oddly-shaped slide out QWERTY mobile companion, then we’re pretty sure there’s no hope left for you:

  • Applied, several Bluetooth improvements (updated BT DUN profile, improved scanning)
  • Applied, support for YouTube videos
  • Applied, Qualcomm patch
  • Fixed, memory leakage by replacing POOM API
  • Fixed, notification malfunction under certain conditions
  • Fixed, certain conditions prevented delivery of MMS
  • Added, MEID support (included in BC04 MR)
  • Added, WLAN chipset enhancement (included in BC04 MR)
You can catch the update by hitting the link below. There are separate installers for Vista and XP, so make sure you grab the correct one.