Tired of the onslaught of iPhone 3G news? You’re going to have to bear with us a little longer, friends. We just got word on some semi-strange but sensible iPhone 3G shipment policies. Here’s how it goes: AT&T stores have already received most likely two shipments of iPhone 3Gs. All AT&T stores will be getting a third shipment of iPhone 3Gs tomorrow, but there’s a catch. They can’t sell Friday’s shipment until Saturday. And guess what? There’s a fourth shipment coming Saturday, and you guessed it — they can’t sell those until Sunday. While this might mean some poor souls in line won’t be getting their iPhone 3Gs tomorrow, if they don’t get there early enough, it gives everyone who couldn’t scam their way out of work a chance to live again. What’s the verdict on the policy? Yay, or nay?

Thanks, Ronnie!