What has up until now been the exclusive playground of Seattle and Dallas-based T-Mobile customers will soon be sweeping across the entire nation. T-Mobile has announced that their @Home VOIP phone service will be available wherever T-Mobile service is found, beginning Wednesday, July 2nd. For those that need a refresher course, @Home is a supplemental service that allows existing T-Mobile customers to add a home phone line to their account for $10/month. The service requires a proprietary Linksys Wi-Fi router that accepts a T-Mobile SIM card, but customers are free to use the cordless phone of their choice. The price of the HiPort router is $49.99 with a 2-year contract when you purchase the service. We have yet to test an actual unit, but if it works as well as they say it does, we think this might prove to be an excellent alternative to a stand-alone land-line subscription.