What a week for an almost-perfect Motorola device announcement, right? Motorola has announced the MING A1600 and A1800 with remarkably little fanfare. Spec wise, both handsets are relatively the same, both sporting GPS, touchscreens, Linux, A2DP, 3 megapixel camera, and more. The CDMA/GSM hybrid A1800 sports support for two simultaneous network connections, while the GSM-only A1600 tops out at EDGE. Why, oh why, is Moto crippling their GSM handsets with lowly EDGE connections? The Chinese target market is certainly part of the problem here, but you’d think they would at least, make some effort at a global launch with HSDPA support. Ah, we know! Because their MOTOMAXG OS doesn’t support 3G. That’s right! No pricing or release date info is available, but we wouldn’t hold our breath either way.