Much to our surprise, Motorola has just announced the MOTOZINE ZN5 handset. On paper, at least, this is a very nice phone, sporting a 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus (yay!), Xenon flash, image editing, Wi-Fi, E8-style ModeShift keypad, and an EDGE radio. The specs are decent, and the EDGE radio is more of a limitation of the target market’s spectrum than of any nefarious attempts to destroy our access to 3G goodness. We made our thoughts about this handset’s evil slider twin known a couple weeks back, though the addition of auto-focus on this one is sure to bring a bit more appeal. Motorola is billing this with built-in Kodak Gallery integration, which is a nice thought, but attempting to upload a 5 megapixel image over an EDGE connection sounds like a savage exercise in frustration. No word on pricing, but expect this to launch in China next month, with worldwide availability coming soon thereafter.


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