According to recent reports from iPhone Atlas, AT&T will not be offering a tethering plan for the iPhone 3G. Tethering of course, is the process whereby a handset is connected to a computer via cable or bluetooth so that the computer can make use of the handset’s data connectivity. Preventing tethering with the iPhone 3G is a pretty ridiculous move when considering that the rest of AT&T’s 3G arsenal can be used to tether. It’s a travesty, right? Wrong. Theorectically this issue shouldn’t be a big one at all. After all, tethering is sooooo 2004. Now that Apple has finally caught up to its competitors in terms of opening the OS X mobile platform to third-party development, lack of tethering should be remedied rather quickly. Just as apps like JoikuSpot Light and WalkingHotSpot transform an S60 handset into a pocketable WiFi hotspot, developers will likely attack this territory on the iPhone as well. Why bother with tethering when you can make use of WiFi and create multiple WEP / WPA-secured connections with a single device? Developers, the gauntlet has been laid.