He’s a witch! Stone him! Ok, ok… Put your pitchforks and torches down. Thai developer Sittiphol Phanvilai, creator of Mobitubia, is not a witch (or a warlock). He is however, a talented developer and engineer. Phanvilai’s latest research project is a doozy; he essentially transforms a Nokia N95 into a smart board with multitouch support. “Multitouch” may not be entirely accurate of course, since use of the N95’s camera means he doesn’t actually need to touch anything. Multigesture? This guy is basically a digital MacGyver as he uses LED light pens, film negatives, tape and a tripod to create what he has dubbed NeuScreen. The only thing that isn’t absolutely awesome about this demonstration is the choice of music. Sittiphol, buddy, give us a shout next time you’re going to whip up a showcase video and we’ll hook you up with something a bit more “Neu”.

[Via AAS]