Word from Verizon is that the new LG Decoy will be available this coming Monday for $179 with a new 2-year contract, no signing bonus, but we didn’t want to wait until then for new live pics. So behold. Truth be told, it’s not nearly as ugly as we thought it was – In fact, it’s kind of cool looking if you’re into that sort of thing. It still appears to be a finger print magnet however, but that’s apparently the price you pay for an integrated bluetooth headset. It’s very interesting to note that there are some major design discrepancies between these pics and the ones we saw last month. Namely, the trackball is now flat and brushed as opposed to rounded and shiny and the keypad is completely different. The old pics show a silver keypad with button strips that are attached in groups of three. This keypad, as you can see in the pics after the jump, is black and rubbery with a completely different design. Hmmm. It’s worth mentioning that these pictures resemble the press shots much more closely so perhaps the old pics show an early prototype. Jump!

[Thanks Omie]