So, look. It’s blistering hot outside in the city, and I’d like to take the time in-between my ice baths to tell y’all something that’s been on my mind. You might have checked out some of the “leaked” 3G iPhone pictures that were out the last day or so. Are they real? Probably not. But here’s my point…Everyone is so certain that because the pictures are still online, the phone is fake. Because, you know, Apple legal would be on that like a German Shepherd on a Shih Tzu. Don’t ask, I just looked outside my window. But, that’s not obviously true. Steve doesn’t want his thunder stolen on Monday, and if Apple legal is demanding the pictures to be taken down, surely we’d know they were real. So, assuming the pictures are real, don’t expect to see them taken down anytime soon. And if they’re real, Apple leaves them up so you think they are fake. Get it? But this is all for nothing because the pictures probably aren’t real. Back to my ice bath.