If your life is anything like ours, you can’t capture memories in anything but hi-definition. It’s just that exciting. Thankfully, Sanyo understands our plight, adding to their Xacti line of HD camcorders this morning with the VPC-HD1010. The HD1010 is a compact affair, packed with features including a 4MP still-shot sensor, 2.7″ widescreen LCD, and an SDHC slot. The real prize here, of course, is the 1080i recording capabilities, however. The HD1010 allows for 60 frames-per-second video capture, recording it all in  MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video format. Sound comes in at up to 48khz/16bit stereo. The best part, however, is the this baby will be available in the US beginning in July for an ultra-reasonable $800 retail tag.


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