By now you’ve obviously seen all the rumors about Apple’s 3G iPhone. If you’re hip on your news, you’ll have noticed that everyone is reporting the new 3G iPhone to be thicker than the first generation. I’m not making this statement based on any information I have, but I ask, do you really think that Steve Jobs will release a new iPhone a year later that will be thicker than the original? Yes, it will have 3G and GPS, and possibly a larger battery, but after one whole year, do you really honestly believe the phone will be thicker than the original? I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen some pretty damn small phones that have 3G radios in them. Of course, my feelings could totally turn out to be wrong and Mr. Jobs will use his reality distortion field to make it seem like a thicker iPhone is better than a thinner one, but I don’t believe I am. Anyone with me?