S60 people, stop drooling over the E71 for a few minutes so that we can give you some important news. Remember how we reported on the guy from Nokia stated that the new v20 firmware for the N95 NAM would be out in early June? Yeah, he totally lied. Ok, maybe he didn’t lie and plans were just changed a bit. As of early this morning the updated firmware is available for all to enjoy, possibly to celebrate Memorial Day. Whatever the case may be, it’s taken entirely too long but it’s here so back up your phone and get to flashing. Some noted improvements:

  • Flash Lite 3 support
  • Faster bootup
  • Faster camera load time
  • Integrated Search
  • Demand paging
  • No ASR
  • N-Gage demos

So there you have it; better than any Memorial Day sale we can think of. Hit the Nokia Software Updater and get rolling.