Indeed. It appears that the folks over at BlackBerryCool haven’t been getting much love lately. While they deliberately avoid mentioning the offending companies, it would seem that they have been the recipients of the proverbial cold shoulder lately. The fear of course being that they may go leak-happy with whatever info they manage to obtain. The nerve! To make sure that there’s no mistaking them this year at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES 2008), they’ve branded themselves with a t-shirt that should get their message across. After all, they’re "just harmless BlackBerry-loving bloggers." The one correction we’ll make to their post is the insinuation that we here at BGR use sneaky "now you see ’em, now you don’t" tactics to score pics of the latest and greatest yet-to-be-announced gems. Correction: we have a team of highly trained ninjas to handle that for us…

[Thanks Robby]