Of all Nseries handsets that Nokia has issued over the years, the N90 / N92 / N93 / N93i have what is by far the most unique form factor. Is it a phone? Is it a digital camcorder? Is it a messenger? Yes, yes and yes. The camera quality, especially on the latter models, was incredible and arguably trumped even the 5 megapixel camera found on the N95 line of handsets. Yes, the handsets where a bit wide around the waist and that was likely the biggest complaint users had, but these devices attracted a pretty big ‘cult’ following that was and is reluctant to pick up another phone. These die-hards are in for some bad news unfortunately. It has been quite a while since the release of the N93i and many would say Nokia is about due for an update. According to a reliable Nokia Blog source however, that update won’t be hitting shelves any time soon. In fact, it could be more than two years before a flip-and-swivel successor makes its way to market. The source placed the time line at 2010 but failed to specify a quarter or any additional details. Whatever the case may be, we hope that once a successor comes along it sees some solid updating and refinement. First and foremost of course, how about some quad-band GSM love and a little US high speed data? Oh and please be sure to put the thing on a treadmill until it works off some of that bulk.