Looking to get your iPhone fix in Singapore, India, the Philippines, or Australia? Beginning later this year, you will be able to carry Apple’s finest in your pocket in one of those 4 countries without resorting to black market tactics. Provider SingTel has announced that they will be bringing the Apple iPhone to the aforementioned nations by the end of the year. They didn’t offer a specific launch date, but given the time frame, and lack of stock of the current model, we can only imagine that it will be the fabled next-gen 3G version of the handset. Interestingly enough, while the SingTel version will be an exclusive launch in the Phillipines and Singapore, Vodafone is currently set to offer the iPhone in India and Australia, and Optus is also set to provide Australian service. Apple seems to be shying away from exclusivity agreements, at least in underserviced markets.