Well, at least it’s not just an iPhone case this time. Pictures are beggining to make the rounds that are reportedly leaks of the upcoming second generation iPhone. Originating on the French blog iPhon.fr, no other details of relevance are available. As you can see in the pics above, the could-be iPhone 2 drops the two-tone back and replaces it with solid black that apparently is VERY prone to scratching. We’re not sure if it’s metal or plastic but if this is the real deal, it won’t matter because you’ll want to case this puppy to avoid having it look like it was just dragged over broken glass. The chrome surround that runs around the perimeter of the phone appears to be maintained although the shape looks a bit different. It also looks like it could be a little thinner than the original, which would be in line with recent reports. What’s your take – real or fake? It does look like an LG PRADA phone, though…

[Via TUAW]