iQuickBlock was the very first game to be developed for the iPhone in Poland… And it took all of six hours to throw together. Is the iPhone the easiest mobile platform in existence when it comes to development? Polish Developer Binary Core slapped this addictive iPhone game together in no time back at the Newest Mobile Technology Lab held at Warsaw Technical University. It was built using the Cygwin iPhone Toolchain and Notepad++, and all testing was performed using WinSCP and PuTTY. All this in less than six hours. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard developers sing praises when it comes to Mobile OS X and our guess is that it won’t be the last. In just over a month, the avalanche of iPhone apps is going to start rolling and if development it that easy, it likely won’t slow down for quite some time. Here’s something to ponder; if addictive little games like iQuickBlock took only six hours to build pre-SDK, how long does a similar project take now that the SDK is out in full force?