Likely resulting from a combination of outdated technology and plain lack of interest, Sprint is pulling the plug on its Voice Command service. Voice Command affords users a web-based address book that provides an alternative means for placing voice calls to contacts. Tapping a few buttons to initiate a call from your address book can be trying apparently, so Voice Command allows users to dial a short code and then speak a contact name. Of course by the time you connect to the service, speak the contact name / destination type and connect your call, you would likely have been finished with the conversation had you simply placed a normal voice call. Apparently most Sprint customers share that sentiment and we doubt we’ll see many tears shed over the departure of Voice Command. If you happen to be one of the nine Voice Command users left out there, you have until July 1 to download your address book before all data is purged all hands are washed. Our advice? Snag a modern phone with integrated voice recognition.