We want to call shenanigans on this one, but crazier things have happened. Rumor has it that Salesforce.com is about to undertake a massive equipment overhaul to the tune of a new Mac for each of its 4,000+ employees. Unlikely as it may seem, a supposed email from a Salesforce employee states that Dell’s deal is coming to a close and the company has no intentions of renewing it.

Salesforce.com is giving Macs to all employees. Yup, all 4000 of us; we are going to be one of the largest enterprise software Mac shops around.  As the leases come up for the Dells, IT is replacing with Macs.

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, "why would a CRM house catering exclusively to the PC-dominated enterprise market go with Mac?" You’re not the only one. The leaked email points to security issues and the resources that will be saved in the long run by not having to defend its oh-so-vulnerable PCs against intrusion, viruses and the like. Even still, Salesforce’s close integration with Microsoft Outlook would make a move like this peculiar and trying, to say the least.

[Via Valleywag]