Congratulations Alltel customers. If you’re lucky enough to spend most of your time within Alltel’s coverage area, you now have access to the first HTC Touch variant to be graced with EVDO Rev. A. A new ROM, 3.04.671.2, has just been issued by HTC that brings with it several fixes and enhancements. Most notable of course, is the addition of high-speed EVDO Rev. A support thanks to a new radio version. The new firmware also fixes some Bluetooth issues along with adding the capability to receive video messages. For the time being, the new ROM is for Alltel customers only but we expect HTC to follow suit with Verizon and Sprint soon enough. In the meantime, try not to resort to violence in the event that some cocky Alltel customer starts shoving high-speed downloads in your face.

[Via PhoneArena]