Who will be the first American carrier to actually offer the new CDMA BlackBerry Curve to its customers? The race, dear readers, is on. Things were looking good for Sprint, with the carrier promising an April14th drop date for the sexy new BlackBerry 8330. That day, however, has come and gone and the handset is still not available for purchase. New rumors place the next possible drop towards the end of the month, but we haven’t heard anything specific. Verizon is promising a May launch, but has been woefully quite in regards to a specific date. Finally, Alltel has just announced their flavor of 8330. The device, which is functionally identical to the Sprint version, has been announced with a May 1st launch. If things keep going south for Sprint, it looks like Alltel might take the prize here. Whether or not it comes out first, the handset will run you $229 after a $100 mail-in rebate, and can be pre-ordered right now. If you’re interested, hit the link for more info.