Push To Talk may be a niche technology, but it certainly has a devoted army of followers. Hoping to bring a few more converts into the fold, Verizon appears poised to launch the next generation of the instant-access technology. The next-gen technology boasts faster connection times utilizing EV-DO Rev. A and a more robust feature set. Sprint has already rolled out their Qchat service, but Verizon’s plans have been a bit unclear until now. A newly leaked document indicates that the carrier intends to launch its very own next-generation Push To Talk service by the end of May. The initial rollout will be accompanied by two new handsets, the Motorola V750 and the Casio G’zOne c711. Both handsets sport the requisite EV-DO Rev. A radios, as well as GPS, Bluetooth, and a bit of onboard memory. No word on pricing for the handsets or feature, but expect details to show up shortly.