AT&T’s low-end 3G capable lineup is about to get a bit more "exciting". It’s been known for quite some time that the Nokia 3555 is headed to T-Mobile, but we haven’t heard much about other carrier’s plans for this lowly flip phone…until now. A couple of new shots of the 3555 have surfaced on the interwebs, depicting the 3555 in all of its AT&T glory. While the presence of this handset on T-Mobile is notable simply for the inclusion of 3G, the 3555 isn’t going to do much of anything for your average AT&T customer. Sure, you could snap pics with the VGA camera, but they’ll probably be too grainy to keep, and the memory card slot and music player won’t do you much good coupled with the standard Nokia headset jack. Even so, choice is good, right? No word on drop date or pricing, but expect this thing to compensate for its lack of features with an insanely low price.

Thanks, Marco!