We’ve been using Xobni’s Outlook plug in Insight for several months now and it really does juice up Microsoft’s email client quite nicely. The lightning-fast searches, number-recognition / Skype integration and analytic qualities really do make Outlook far more usable. Microsoft thinks so too. Gates & Co have been proponents of Xobni for a while now, even going so far as to call it "the next generation of social networking," and rumors have continued to flutter with regards to an impending acquisition. A first shot in the form of a sub-$20 million offer from Microsoft was supposedly rejected by Xobni but the latest rumor is that a second offer has been made. Contradicting reports are coming in however, as the latest news is that Xobni has no intention of being bought for the time being. A rep from Xobni is even quoted as saying, "we’re staying an independent company and will be exiting beta soon." So reports are quite conflicting at this point, but info continues to trickle in. We just want Xobni to keep doing what they do best: Take the stale client that is Outlook and make it more usable and enjoyable.