Consider us impressed. Less than a month ago, Mozilla CEO John Lilly made some comments that equated Apple’s sneaky attempts to feed Safari to PC users via ASU, malware. Burn! Apparently Apple is pretty plugged into the blogosphere these days because they’ve responded, and fast. We can’t say that we’re 100% satisfied with the revision, but Apple software users moving forward will see a new format on the available updates screen within ASU. As pictured above, there is now a separation and a clear distinction between software being "updated" by ASU and new software that Apple wants you to taste. Of course new software is checked by default which makes sense for Apple but will likely still result in a few trigger-happy clickers installing new software inadvertently. A few other tweaks have been made as well; most notably the removal of most reminder nags. ASU will now only pester users with regards to critical security updates. Less important updates will get one notification and will then chill behind the curtains until the user invokes ASU manually.