Bye bye Chocolate, hello VX8610. We’re not sure what feisty nickname this puppy will end up with, but at least we can all be sure of one thing: The VX8610 is coming to Verizon, and pretty soon. We told you about the upcoming Chocolate successor back in February and now that more pics are coming out we can assume that everything is right on schedule for a release this quarter. We hope Verizon and LG can get their acts together before June because from what we can tell, June is going to be a pretty busy month. Specs on the VX8610 are still a bit scarce but from the pics above we can now see the slim bluetooth headset that is worked into the case of the handset. We’ve seen other designs that integrate headsets a bit better than this, but it’ll do. We really hope the headset fits snugly into the phone though because the back of this puppy is a bit of an eyesore while the headset is removed. More info as it comes.