Scenario: You’re sitting at a table in a decent restaurant enjoying a nice meal with your little lady when a cellphone at the table next to you starts singing Baby Got Back. A portly man picks up the phone and proceeds to have a conversation with his baby sitter, without excusing himself from the dining room, about how it’s her fault that little Billy peed the bed because she shouldn’t have given him so much soda. You get fed up, jump out of your seat and stab the man with your salad fork. It’s ok, we’ve all been there. While you still manage to maintain that look on your face that says, "If I could do it again I would" as the police drag you away, rest assured that there is a better way to handle these situations. If you had been carrying, say, your trusty T-1000 Personal Cell Phone Jammer / Blocker you could have whipped it out, ended the fat man’s conversation and saved yourself $1,000 in bail money and a pissed off girlfriend. This handy little device isn’t legal either per say, but it’ll definitely carry a much smaller penalty than aggravated assault or manslaughter. There is a small problem though; the jamming range on the T-1000 is only about 3-10 feet however, so it might be more effective if you beat someone with it. Then you’re getting back into felony territory though.