The folks over at AT&T are up to no good again, having cooked up a new rebate sheet for the Spring retail season. While there aren’t a whole lot of earth-shattering new devices going up in the near future, the sheet does reveal a couple of gems. First up is the BlackBerry 8110, which you can expect to grab with a $50 rebate as soon as it goes on sale. For those with savage short-term memory problems, the 8110 is essentially the Pearl 2 with embedded GPS. Next up is the Pantech Breeze, aka the C520. We’re not entirely sure about the specifics on this one, but chances are good that it will slot in as an entry-level flip with diminutive proportions. As far as we can tell, those are the only two new handsets for the coming term. While there’s no word of the iPhone 2, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, as those things tend not to show up on rebate forms. Oh, and in case you’re interested, you can still pick up a Motorola RAZR V3XX. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing.