Hoping to prove that they intend to follow through on their promise work towards a more “eco-friendly” corporation, Apple could be preparing for a major overhaul of their Macbook and Macbook Pro notebooks. The new designs, according to AppleInsider, will feature completely new outer shell material. In the case of the plastic Macbook, this could mean a shift towards aircraft-grade aluminum. A good move for the environment, but that glossy white plastic finish is ubiquitous with the Apple brand, and would be a tough look to let go. That said, the inclusion of aluminum, black matte plastic, and more could certainly create a more classy, high-end look for Apple’s consumer line. No word on when these changes might be implemented, so keep this one in the rumor pile for the time being, but it has been quite a while since Apple’s notebook line (Macbook Air notwithstanding) received any sort of significant design changes.


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