Come on, guys. Have your best shot at it! There’s been a flood of news lately surrounding the mysterious new iPhone with 3G, with even Uncle Walt chiming in. Our guess it that the second generation iPhone will be on sale in stores on June 30th. Why? They won’t launch the new iPhone without the 2.0 software, and 2.0 is slated for "late June". Also, we wouldn’t bet on seeing it before WWDC, and knowing Apple, they’re going to wait ’till the last minute to ship so they can work the kinks out. Where do you come in? Well, we might be wrong. If we are, we’re going to buy you a brand new second generation iPhone if you predict the right release date. If multiple people pick the exact release date then we’ll pick one of them at random.

Clarification: we are talking about the day you can physically wait in line at an Apple store and buy the second generation iPhone. Not the day ads appear on TV, not the day it’s announced, the day you can buy a brand spankin’ new second generation iPhone.

We’re going to run this until Wednesday at 11:59PM.

Ready. Set. Go!