Took you guys long enough, eh? Months after we got our first look at Windows Mobile 6.1, the company has finally made the update official. Announced this morning at CTIA, the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade will now be available to all manufacturers and carriers that wish to implement it. Available by “sometime in Q2” of this year, the new software will be offered by hardware manufacturers including HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and Pantech. Additionally, we could see updates to existing models directly from carriers, though this process is often fraught with delays and empty promises. Nonetheless, the new WM 6.1 takes Windows Mobile a step closer to that “user friendly” experience we’ve all been looking for.

UPDATE: It looks like HTC might be one of the first to the party on this one. In addition to the newly announced WM 6.1-equipped Touch Dual, the company has revealed that they will be working with carriers to provide 6.1 updates for the Sprint Touch and Mogul, AT&T Tilt, Alltel Touch and PPC6800, and the OEM HTC TyTN II. Who’s next?