You didn’t expect this one, did you? The Motorola MING A1800 is an update to their Linux-based MING line, but this time, there are some twists and turns. For starters, the MING A1800 is a CDMA and quad-band GSM device. There are also two, yes two, SIM card slots. The whole package has been reduced to a really nice pocketable size — the phone feels sturdy as a rock — and is actually pretty light. There’s a 3 megapixel auto-focus shooter on the backside, and besides the normal inclusion of Bluetooth and a couple other features, we don’t really have all that much more info! We haven’t got pricing or availability on this piece at this time, but we’re also not betting on it being launched at CTIA in the upcoming week. Then again, at this point, Motorola couldn’t do anything to surprise us. You know what to do by now, everyone. Hit that gallery!

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