We’re not really sure where to go with this one. An August release for the BlackBerry 9000? We’ve heard it may actually be that far away. Let us also clarify: the BlackBerry 8xxx, the one we posted from Vodafone’s lineup, and the one that appeared on eBay is what we are referring to as the BlackBerry 9000 from here on in. We initially heard AT&T would have a 6-month exclusive on the device in the U.S., and that was to be released in late May, but more like June. New information provided to us has us believing the July / August release date might be accurate. You know how we roll over here at BGR, so take this as a rumor (obviously) and don’t sell your RIMM shares just yet. Remember that the BlackBerry Curve was released in late May last year, so this would put RIM well over the one-year mark (not counting the ridiculous incarnations of the 8300-series, 8800-series, and 8100-series) for a brand new device. What you think, people? Can you wait that long, or are you jumping ship if July / August is the real release date?