Ken Dulaney, an analyst with the well-respected Gartner firm, has been hearing some rumors from his Asian sources. According to a iPhone interview conducted with Dulaney, the iPod observer has learned that Apple may have just ordered a new round of iPhone production and this order could come to market packing the 3G network compatibility that the public has been clamoring for. Apparently Apple has recently placed a hefty 10 million unit order. If Dulaney is correct about this order, it stands to reason that this is in fact related to Apple’s next-generation handset. With the knowledge that the 3G iPhone is indeed due out this year, it wouldn’t make much sense for Apple to be ordering such a large quantity of the current model. Dulaney also goes on to speculate that Apple’s upcoming revamp will make use of OLED displays, although his sources on that matter are unclear. OLED technology would mean that the upcoming handsets could be thinner than the current model. In addition, the decreased power consumption of OLED displays would certainly help with battery life as 3G components can be quite a drain on battery life. Lack of high-speed 3G / HSDPA support is one of the biggest complaints that critics have when it comes to the iPhone, so let’s see what this news might do to appease them.