Anyone out there still waiting for that Kindle you ordered, umm, six weeks ago? You’re not alone. Amazon launched the Kindle to an incredible response, and promptly sold out of the device in under 6 hours. Following the initial launch, it has been next to impossible to get your hands on a real, live device. The company has been scrambling to catch up with consumer demand, but manufacturing snafu’s, combined with record response has left Amazon unable to come anywhere close to filling orders in a timely fashion. Responding to increasing consumer frustration, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has released an official statement. In it, he promises that within the "next few weeks" customers will be able to order a Kindle and have it shipped that same day. Sounds good to us, but we’ll have to see it to believe it. In the mean time, might we suggest a CDMA HTC Shift for all of your E-Book needs? Yeah, we thought so.