Hating on Monster seems to be the latest craze but if you’re a music lover and a tech lover, then there’s no denying that the iSoniCast is a cool piece of gear. Monster’s latest gadget is sleek and well-designed, convenient and surprisingly cheap as well. iSoniCast is a wireless audio bridge that allows you to wirelessly stream tunes from your iPod to your home audio system. Making use of the 2.4 GHz spectrum, it touts 4 Mbps (no, not 4 Gbps as one of the bullets on the product page states) of throughput to facilitate clear and uninterrupted playback with minimal interference. In fact, the unit makes use of intelligent frequency hoping to ensure that frequency crossing is kept at a bear minimum. iSoniCast easily hooks up to any home audio system using RCA connectors and the look should go nicely with your existing gear. Perhaps the best part about Monster’s design is that it uses the iPod itself to control playback. No need to worry about adding yet another remote to your junk drawer and no need to head over to your system in order to select a new track or playlist. Even if you pass on Monster’s overpriced cables, at $100 the iSoniCast is definitely worth a look.

[Via Monster PR]