Another day, another new unlimited plan here in the US. One would think carriers might wait a while to better understand the impact that unlimited plans have on their business but hey, let’s not get all crazy with logic and such. Every iPhone plan offered by AT&T already comes with unlimited data of course (thank you Apple) and now customers can bathe in voice minutes as well. $120 per month and a new 2-year contract will now hook your iPhone up with all-you-can-eat voice, data and according to the chart above from Apple’s site, rollover minutes. How one might roll unlimited minutes over onto unlimited minutes escapes us, but apparently it’s possible. What the new plan won’t afford you is unlimited texting; you’ll still need to purchase an SMS plan on top of your $120 to enjoy more than 200 texts per month. Since SMS is such a new and expensive technology, of course it stands to reason that unlimited SMS would be omitted from this new unlimited offering. Wait, no, that’s not true at all…

[Via IntoMobile]