Folks, this is not good. It looks like MobiTV is gunning for Howard Forums, and seems pretty intent on taking the forum powerhouse for everything they’re worth. The company has filed a cease and desist, and is threatening to make a move to have Howard Forums taken offline if they don’t comply. The furor relates to a thread on HoFo outlining a process for obtaining access to Sprint’s MobiTV feed from any desktop computer or mobile handset. The steps detail a simple process that involves accessing a publicly accessible URL from any browser, which allows access to MobiTV is claiming that this constitutes unauthorized action, and thinks that Howard Forums is to blame. From where we’re sitting, we think that the problem is most certainly on MobiTV’s end, as any company dumb enough to make their proprietary content this easily acessible is looking for trouble. MobiTV, you screwed up, and now you’re looking to blame the messenger. Poor form.

Thanks, to everyone that sent this in!