Nokia fanboys of America, don’t make a mess in your pants just yet. News that the flagship Nokia handset will be making its way to the nation’s largest carrier is still just a rumor at this point, although it’s looking pretty solid. Engadget Mobile has reported, and subsequently confirmed the report that the N95 will finally be strutting down AT&T’s red carpet some time next quarter. Of course there are more versions of the N95 than notches on Wilt Chamberlain’s bed post, so which one might AT&T snatch up? An Engadget Mobile tipster claimed that it will be the N95-3 (the first N95 with AT&T-compatible 3G / HSDPA) and that an arduous testing process has already begun. The 8GB NAM would have been nice but hey, baby steps right? It remains to be seen whether or not AT&T branding will wreak havoc on the device, but we have a feeling that it will be left pretty well intact. It will also be the most capable handset that AT&T has offered to this point. Funny that this news comes just a few weeks after the N96,  Nokia’s N95 successor, was announced. We’ll catch up some day but in the meantime make no mistake, this would be a huge victory for Nokia and for AT&T customers across the country.