i-mate hasn’t shut down its US offices located in Redmond, WA but pretty much everyone on the workforce there likely wishes that Friday never happened. An amazingly large percentage of its Redmond team was told to box their belongings and hit the road this past week. Among those sent packing were the entire engineering, QA, and tech writing departments. Even a few higher-ups who escaped the ambush walked out on their own accord, including the Chief Software Officer and VP of Sales and Marketing. Dark days at i-mate indeed. The massive layoffs likely come in part as a result of i-mate’s difficulties in distributing the Ultimate line of devices. i-mate has a lot riding on Ultimate handsets, as unexciting as they may or may not be, and sales to this point have hardly been what the manufacturer hoped for of course. It’s also hard to buy something if there’s no distribution. So who’s left now that the smoke has cleared? Apparently just enough people to create and maintain an online sales portal. Best of luck to those who were sent on their way.